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Branding, Logo, Animation, Illustration, Character Design

This project was inspired by 'Shanzhai culture'.

Many people consider fast food to be unhealthy. This project proposes a logo and promotion for a healthy fast food brand using black humor. Since this is a university assignment project, I was able to differentiate WELL BURGER by taking the logos and characters of famous hamburger brands with unhealthy images and making the branding a little ironic.



'Shanzhai' refers to the inventive imitation culture of counterfeit consumer goods, creating brands such as ‘Abidas’ or ‘Simsung’ (a play on consumer goods brand Samsung). In Shanzhai culture, the subtle​ shifts of the ‘normal’ c​reate something that is at once recognizable​ but can also be strange, uncanny ​and disruptive​ to the western-centricideasofo​ wnership, originality, and authenticity.​ This is an interesting project to experiment with disruption as a powerful tool within my own design practice to change and shift contemporary culture.


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