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Kamigori Street Art Project

Branding, Logo, Animation, Poster, Website

The planned project will be in Kamigori, in Japan. The government is planning to cut down trees and build a rubbish disposal site for industrial waste from all over Japan in the mountain in my hometown Kamigori, Hyogo Prefecture, where 3.02 million cubic meters of industrial waste will be buried over 20 years. In January 2009, the " Kamigori Industrial Waste Problem Countermeasure Council" composed of residents opposed to the project, collected 6,773 valid signatures, or 53% of the total number of voters, and submitted them to the mayor, but the project has not yet been stopped. There are also risks of environmental pollution and health hazards, including air pollution from the production of toxic gases, contamination of soil and groundwater, and the impact on residents' drinking water. According to Journalist Setsuko Yamamoto, "No matter what technology is used, once something is contaminated, it can never be recovered". The Senator of Kamigori is trying to build the rubbish disposal site  to generate more income for the town. Kamigori has no factories,  tourist attractions or  source of income.

 A project involving street art might help turn the town into a tourist destination and help develop it into a more attractive place to live and visit. Art and the community are closely related.  Art can have a positive influence and generate tourism, business, and encourage investment. Graffiti or street art can also lead to graffitification or graffiti-gentrification, which is the process which happens when an area becomes a centre for street art. This can encourage more visitors and result in the development of small businesses which then attract larger businesses and development.

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