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Animation, Illustration, Book Cover

Many people would say that we have a responsibility to look after the members of the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, humans do not always do a good job of this. 
Human produces and use animal like they are products. For example of farm animals, nearly 1.5 billion pigs and 1.9 billion chickens including egg-laying hens, are slaughtered annually in the world. In Asia, pigs and chickens are isolated in unpopulated areas away from settlements. The barns have no windows, no sunlight, and no wind. Animals are confined in a space so small that they can't move, and the only time they go outside is when they die. In the UK, up to 20 million broilers each year die from the stress of catching and transport before reaching the slaughterhouse. 

To communicate this issue to the public, I created an animation and a book cover to represent it.


How to make a leather jacket 

When you see a leather product in glossy magazines or a shop windows, you might not realise that animals were beaten, electrocuted, or even skinned alive to make it. 
I did not know that more than a billion animals live whole life and die in terrible situation before creating this animation. My country, Japan, and other countries in Asia leg behind for this issues. I believe that it is important for people to know and realise this situation. I made this animation using human instead of animals because people would feel animals feeling directly. 


Animals are repeatedly killed and produced for human consumption. I described a situation that humans ignore the animal rights and treat animals cruelly like they are products. 

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