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Mayumi Sakoda

Hello! I am Mayumi.I have completed my master's degree in Art Direction this year as I decided I want to take the next step in advancing my soft design skills. The degree was quite a unique experience. I learned good practices in working with longer-form briefs and developing marketing campaigns from scratch like my environment-conscious animation project. Now I am ready to jump back into my career, continuing to build on my seven years of experience in design and development. I have worked with the biggest names from COTA and Panasonic in Japan to Estee Lauder and Major League Baseball teams such as the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners in the USA. My experience working with companies across the world has given me great insight into Western and Eastern culture, marketing, and design traits, especially British and Japanese cultures from living in both countries. 

Location; My home town, Hyogo
Location; My home town, Hyogo
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